November 2: Meet And Greet at Bistro Baffi - 1st Ave S, Suite 101, Normandy Park WA 98148 Guest Speaker: Doug Basler and others

Growth & Support

Growth And Support For Small Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I possess a firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by small enterprises.

I will passionately advocate for nurturing the growth and success of small businesses across the nation. I firmly believe in the necessity of creating a supportive environment where these businesses can thrive. This includes a commitment to reducing the weight of unnecessary government regulations, which often disproportionately impact smaller companies, stifling their growth and innovation. I have a vision where future small businesses are seen not just as the backbone of the American economy, but as vital contributors to the community and national prosperity.

My approach involves a dual strategy: encouraging direct investment into small businesses and streamlining bureaucratic processes to foster a more business-friendly climate. I believe this will unleash the potential of small businesses, driving economic growth and job creation.