November 2: Meet And Greet at Bistro Baffi - 1st Ave S, Suite 101, Normandy Park WA 98148 Guest Speaker: Doug Basler and others


Strong Infrastructure

I place a strong emphasis on revitalizing America’s infrastructure, recognizing the critical need to upgrade our energy grid, which currently stands vulnerable to potential attacks by hostile foreign entities and is ill-equipped for the demands of a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

I argue that modernizing the grid is essential not only for national security but also for economic progress. Alongside this, I firmly advocate for the maintenance and improvement of our nation’s bridges and roads, understanding that a robust and reliable infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth and efficiency. Investing in these areas is not just about enhancing physical assets; it’s a strategic move to invigorate the economy and create numerous job opportunities for the American workforce.

My vision encompasses an infrastructure that is safe, efficient, and capable of supporting the country’s advancement into a future of renewable energy and economic prosperity.