November 2: Meet And Greet at Bistro Baffi - 1st Ave S, Suite 101, Normandy Park WA 98148 Guest Speaker: Doug Basler and others


Empowering Tomorrow: Education for a Brighter Generational Future

I firmly believe in the transformative power of a well-funded and dynamic education system. I will advocate for substantial investment in both traditional academic pathways and trade schools, recognizing the diverse aspirations and talents of our youth.

My vision for education is holistic: I will seek to equip children not only for the colleges of their choice but also for the careers they aspire to pursue. By emphasizing practical skills and job readiness, my approach will aim to ensure that every child, regardless of their chosen path, is fully prepared to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive global workforce.

This commitment to comprehensive educational reform underscores my dedication to fostering a future where every student can realize their full potential.